Etta Dale FAQ

1. Where is the entrance to Etta Dale?

We are located at 601 S. Choctaw. The main entrance to Etta Dale is on the West side of the campus. Signs are located around the school to guide you to the entrance. The Jr. High administrative office is located just inside the main doors.

2. Do you have a Parent Teacher Organization?

Yes! Our PTO meets the first Monday of every month 6pm. Please enter through the main doors of Etta Dale.

3. Why are students released early on Fridays?

We have an early release Friday schedule for our students to allow our teachers time to meet together to collaborate and share ideas and strategies on how to best instruct students. This is a valuable time to focus on student achievement and develop plans for students to grow. One of our core values is to create strong learning communities of educators with collaboration. Early release is at 2:05pm.

4. What do students do before school once dropped off?

We consider students to be “at school” once we have seen them. Please remeber that students are not monitored until 7:40am. Once they are at school, they are required to remain on the Etta Dale campus. Student safety is a top priority for us and we do not want students roaming around when parents believe they are at school. Students have 2 options in the morning. They may go to the cafeteria starting at 7:30am, if they plan on eating breakfast. If they are not interested in breakfast, they will report to the gym at 7:40am.

5. What is remediation?

Remediation is NOT a punishment. Our goal at Etta Jr. High is to ensure that 100% of our students master 100% of the Oklahoma Academic Standards. 

6. When is remediation assigned? 

Morning Remediation is at 7:40am and lunch remediation is during the student’s lunch time and/or advisory time. Students are released early from their classes to get their lunch and get to remediation.

7. Why is remediation assigned? 

Teachers are required to assign remediation, if a student:

1. Needs extra help (possibly one on one or small group)

2. Student needs to make up assignments, tests, etc.

3. Student has been absent and needs additional help.