El Reno High School

Grade Center 9th-12th

School day: Monday-Thursday 8:00 am – 3:35 pm
Friday Early Release time: 2:10 pm
Doors open for breakfast:  7:15 am
Mon-Thur Lunch 11:45-12:35
Fri lunch 11:02-11:52

2018-2019 Class Schedule

Vehicles need to be registered for parking using a valid driver’s license and a $2.00 parking tag.  

High School Office Staff
Mr. Pat Liticker, Principal, 405-262-3254
Mr. Perry Owens, Assistant Principal, 405-262-2026
Mr. Tim Pounds, Assistant Principal, 405-262-3396
Mrs. Opal Rochdi, Attendance Secretary, 405-262-3947
Mrs. Rhonda Elmenhorst, Registrar, 405-262-3249
Mrs. Jessica Brown, STEM Secretary, 405-262-3254
Mrs. Jennifer Walsh-Davis
     Guidance Counselor for students A-J, 405-262-8621
Mrs. Sheila Seewald
     Guidance Counselor for students K-Z, 405-262-5028

Other Documents

Student Handbook

Course Description Guide.pdf

Parent Compact EHS.pdf

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“Personalized Learning”…What does that mean? It is quickly becoming a buzz word in the educational world. Every student learns differently and at a different pace from their peers. Yet, we often place them all in the same room and expect them to be taught the same way and learn at the same pace. Is this the most effective way to accomplish our mission? Could there be a better way? One possible approach to solving this dilemma is the ever growing area of “personalized learning”. Allowing students to dictate what they are learning and at what pace they are learning is not a totally new concept, but it is growing rapidly. At EHS, we are committed to being on the leading edge of this movement. Our Personalized Learning Path (PEP) option for students is new, different, and if we are honest, just a little frightening!! It is change, and we don’t always like change. We have been planning this move for several months and have done our research. Now, as we unveil this, we are prepared to make it as successful as possible. Giving students options and responsibilities in their educational path will hopefully be a “game changer.” We are committed to our students and their success. This is just another way of achieving that. Hopefully, this will be a great step for many of our students as they look BEYOND ER!!!

PEP Personalized Educational Path Flyer.pdf – PEP is an opportunity for students to work on subjects at their own pace and to have more input in their educational path. Students in the program will have a greater choice in the classes they take, a chance to work at their own pace, and have a more personalized educational experience. With all of that comes a great deal of responsibility and determination. This program is perfect for students who wish to begin college early (possibly as Juniors) or would like the opportunity to attend the Career Tech full time while in high school.


Far out on the western prairie,
Standing plain to view,
Is our dear El Reno High School,
Towering toward the blue.

Hail! All hail our Alma Mater!
Hail El Reno High!
We bear thee a love so fervent.
It shall never die.

In her halls we’ve toiled and struggled,
Many tasks begun,
And for her, our Alma Mater,
Many victories won.

Hail! All hail our Alma Mater!
Hail El Reno High!
We bear thee a love so fervent.
It shall never die.

Greet we then our Foster Mother,
Noble friends so true;
As we strive in world and college,
Still we’ll think of you.

Hail! All hail our Alma Mater!
Hail El Reno High!
We bear thee a love so fervent.
It shall never die.