The mission of El Reno Public Schools is to improve every student’s achievement and inspire excellence. We will accomplish this mission by

  1. improving achievement for all students,

  2. providing high-quality instruction driven by measurable data,

  3. creating high-performing professional learning communities to foster collaboration,

  4. addressing every student’s individual learning needs, and,

  5. connecting with students and stakeholders by building meaningful relationships.


I am a student of El Reno Public Schools. I choose to accept life’s challenges, rather than to let others make my decisions. I choose to base my thoughts, speech and actions on Life Principles of character, not circumstances. I choose to respect even when faced with disrespect. I choose honestly even in the midst of dishonesty. I choose compassion in place of selfishness. I choose success, not failure. I choose responsibility for my learning. I choose to allow my teacher to teach and my fellow students to learn. I believe the choices I make today will affect who I will be, what I will have, and what I will do. The future is my responsibility.